Esri Indonesia’s interactive story map, #PrayForAirAsia QZ-8501, is available from Esri.
Explore the path AirAsia Flight 8501 took when it disappeared on December 28, 2014 from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore. Obtain information about the manifest, disappearance, search and rescue effort, and the emergency information center

DigitalGlobe has shared what they have determined to be their TOP image from 2014 – A gem for geologists!
DigitalGlobe’s fourth annual Top Satellite Image of the Year contest
DigitalGlobe’s fourth annual Top Satellite Image of the Year contest
DigitalGlobe’s fourth annual Top Satellite Image of the Year contest began December 8, 2014, and ran through the end of month. The 25 contest images were gathered from the trillions of pixels that were captured by our constellation of satellites last year and selected by DigitalGlobe’s employees by popular vote.

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Hawth's Analysis Tools is an extension for ESRI's ArcGIS (specifically ArcMap). It is designed to perform spatial analysis and functions that cannot be conveniently accomplished with out-of-the-box ArcGIS.Most of these analysis tools have been written within the context of the ecological applications I am involved in (movement analysis, resource selection, predator prey interactions and trophic cascades). However, they have been created in such a way as to be as broadly applicable as possible such that I hope people from many disciplines will find use in this set of tools.

Download Hawths Analyst tool
Download Xtool Pro
Android viewer for use with Tracking Server V.2.0

This sample includes source code that demonstrates how to extend the
ArcGIS API for Android using the Tracking Client API for Java to display
live feeds from a Tracking Server integrated with map services such as
those from

Download Android viewer
TokoGIS menerima Pekerjaan jasa untuk melakukan download Raster / image  atau citra satelit dengan resolusi tinggi yang terdapat di Google Map / Google Earth ataupun Bing Maps
  • Hasil Download Citra ber-Georeference : Geografik / UTM, otomatis bisa dibuka dengan aplikasi GIS
  • Format file bisa : GeoTiff, Jpg, atau Ecw sesuai Order
  • GeoTiff (*.tif) --> resolusi citra bagus, filenya besar, maksimal ukuran file 3 Gb
  • JPG dengan World Files (JGW) --> resolusi citra sedang, filenya kecil
  • ECW --> resolusi citra bisa diatur sesuai perbandingan kompresinya, ukuran file kecil
  • Hasil Citra bisa dikirim via Email atau DVD
Harga Flat Rp. 2500 Per Km2


Everyone hopefully saw the announcement last week that ArcGIS 10.3 is now available. In this occasion we want to drill down into what is new in the ArcGIS for Server product, which includes enhancements to the GIS Server, and licensing changes in its Portal for ArcGIS extension.
The GIS Server includes some key enhancements providing features that we have heard requests for over the past releases:
  • ArcGIS Server Manager now includes a new dashboard for administrators to get usage metrics such as total requests, average response time etc on ArcGIS Server services. This will help you better understand how your services are being used.
  • You can now configure your map services so the ID of your layers is preserved. This will make your own web applications resilient to changes in the order of layers in your map services.
  • At 10.3, we now support OGC Web Features Service (version 2.0) and have enhanced our support for multi-dimensional data in wms services. Check this link for more details.
  • Organizations serving large basemaps will benefit from significant performance improvements to consumption of cached tiles when using a new compact cache format. Even without use of the new cache format, secured cached map services will see big improvements to tile retrieval times

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